Sentai Group helps the poor students to realise their college dreams

Date:2017-09-12    Views:1781

 A few days ago, in the pillar of the "engineering".the youth corps committee student activities, anhui sen tai group staff to cloud and ai-xiang zhang cao comrade six children, respectively. 4000 yuan of educational funds, effectively help the children of employees such as difficulty smoothly into the ordinary university to study. 

Pillar of the "project" aims to social donation, to the student support, new entrance poor students in colleges of anhui sen tai group through the chamber of commerce GuangDe new generation entrepreneurs one-time donation nearly 300000 yuan, can help more than 70 poor students interpreta dream enters a higher school. In this activity, the group's party headquarters and the trade union attach great importance to it, publicize and delve into the floor of the workshop, and make sure that every employee's family needs to be funded. Six employees, including cao re-yun, zhang aixiang, peng yongqing, wang chun-mei, CAI bing and luo xinghua successfully completed the "subsidy declaration". 
News: in the area trade union "blue collar plan" activity, the group employee Chen long, yi yu mei two children respectively get 3000 yuan university blue collar plan to support.