About Us


  Anhui Anhui Sentai WPC Rosenthal Group is the parent company Group Co., Ltd., Anhui Wei Thai company, the sales company is a wholly-owned subsidiary, four Chuansen Tai, Guangzhou Rosenthal, PVC Technology flooring, tai company, Hong Kong- Thailand as the subsidiaries, Huzhou foreign trade companies, foreign trade company in Guangzhou, Angelina branch offices of the group-oriented enterprises. The group has 550 employees, supporting the production line 180, with an annual output of bamboo plastic, wood composite profiles and products 80,000 tons and above.


"Rosenthal" Bamboo plastic, wood composite profiles as "formaldehyde-free, non-radioactive, non-polluting, can be recycled," etc., and completely replace the "class wood, aluminum, PVC plastic profile" and other non-renewable, energy consumption of products. It has been widely used in the "public buildings and facilities, landscape construction, integrated housing system construction, interior decoration," and many other industries and fields. Enterprises have passed the IS09001, IS014001, INTERTEK, BSCI, ASTM, CE and other system or product certification.


"Rosenthal wood" not only in the country applied to the Beijing Olympics Bird's Nest, major projects Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion, the Guangzhou Asian Games main stadium, Dalian Summer Davos seaside cliff, etc., but also exported to Western Europe, America, Japan, Australia, Africa , Southeast Asia more than 80 countries and regions.


"Rosenthal wood" as the industry's only known trademarks in China, now has all kinds of invention patents, utility model and design patents than 250. Enterprise "WPC coextrusion technology" has been among the highest in the world! "WPC integrated housing system", "PVC interior floor" and other new products is to fill China's WPC industry a number of technical gaps.


"Acceptance of the mind, create new environmental Rosenthal" ---- all Rosenthal people will take this as the mission, uphold the "RichComm solid enterprise, cohesion and on; pragmatic innovation, sustainable development," the values, work together to build "Houde Life, Tsz Sincerity; woe, keep road a hundred years," the happy Rosenthal!