Anhui Sentai Group's first cultural festival of the game moments

Good voice singing contest The music in chess Basketball Masters Two three-legged race Ningxinjuli Table tennis master "men's race." Master table ten...

Anhui Sentai WPC staff to carry out mountaineering season

December 22, sunny, cloudless. At the foot of the mountain hairpin hood, Sentai WPC launched, entitled "Beyond the new starting point for new" climbi...

Anhui Guangde Rosenthal won the first session of the General Assembly third team sports

  10月26日—27日,广德第一届体育大会如期举行。安徽森泰荣获团体第三名。   据悉,本次大会共有75支代表队近3000人参加58个项目的多项角逐。安徽森泰公司获得了拔河组比赛第三名、立定跳远第一名、三人四足第二名、企业组团体总分第三的好成绩,为公司赢得了荣誉。

Employees sports activities

In order to enrich their spiritual life and leisure activities, the group held a series of sports activities, photo shows employees the ongoing tug of...

2013 New Year's party Rosenthal company

开心一刻 唐董与一等奖合影 唐总与优秀管理层合影 舞蹈 优秀员工合影 元旦

The fifth anniversary of the award-winning photo

Founded fifth anniversary essay, photography, Zhishijingda winning staff photo

Anhui Sentai fifth anniversary of its establishment

In occasion of the fifth anniversary of the group, held in a large conference room Zhishijingda prize, the participating players by virtue of skilled...

Warrior elite basketball

December 25, 2011, Group employees held a basketball game at County Stadium. The players on the field in the hope of races in full swing.