Anhui Sentai WPC Group Co Ltd (protective earth forest resources) as the core spirit of corporate social responsibility, the full development of low carbon environmental protection products, the full implementation of employee care, Green Action, Social Care Corporate Responsibility three major projects committed to environmental and ecological balance, protect the earth forest resources, and consumers, the environment to create a sustainable future.



  The staff as family, is Rosenthal always uphold the conviction. Rosenthal time employee well-being in mind. At the same time, the company has set up a trade union organization, and effectively for the benefit of employees, enhance employee cohesion, carry out a series of personnel training plan. Good working environment and security, including single apartments, seven-story office building and vehicle safety insurance processing.




    Green platform for sustainable development, the company is committed to developing  environmentally efficient wood products, and effectively enhance the product's performance and color, each company producing one ton wood felling 1.5 equivalent of less 30 years old eucalyptus, reduce deforestation 1 cubic meters.Each producing one ton wood equivalent to reducing pollution 60,000 discarded plastic bags, reducing the 114 acres of farmland mulch residual risks.Each producing one ton wood equivalent to saving 80 barrels of oil, 1.82 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, saving 11 tons of standard coal.Reduce emissions of 1 ton of solid waste.



  March 21, 2012, Anhui Sentai WPC Group Co., Ltd. donated to the China Green Foundation was founded Rosenthal wood - China Signing and Rosenthal action to protect forest wood - China Anhui Guangde action to protect the forest project inauguration ceremony Anhui Guangde held. First Deputy Secretary General of China Green Foundation Mr. Chen Peng attended the signing ceremony and Guangde project inaugurated. Anhui Sentai WPC Group Co., Ltd. to sell a ton of wood each donate 50 yuan to the China Green Foundation, each year at least 2 million yuan of funds for afforestation and incentives to contribute to the protection of forest resources organizations or individuals.


        March 21, 2013, the day of the world's forests, the company co-County Forestry Bureau in the Confucius Temple Square hosted a campaign "to reduce deforestation Wood alternatives" as the theme. 

       March 21, 2013, the first 41 World Forest Day, by the Anhui Sentai WPC Group Co., Ltd. and China Green Foundation co-sponsored the "Beautiful China - the protection of forests Sentai WPC in Action" project was officially launched. During the launching ceremony, Anhui Sentai WPC Group Co., Ltd. donated 4 million yuan to the China Green Foundation; Zhang Yongli, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration, attended the ceremony and presented certificates to corporate donations.